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160 hour Premier Plus TESOL Course

You can't climb any higher than this! Taking our 160 Hour Premier Plus course gives you every skill you'll possibly need in any teaching position. You're fully equipped to travel to destinations of your and command an impressive career in EFL teaching. Over 160 hours you'll study our Core Module, TKT preparation, all three specialist courses and TEFL Essentials: Lesson Planning.


Teacher in a Box


TEFL Express, the leading team in online English teacher training and support have had a bright idea. A very bright idea. Like most great ideas it’s also a simple one. As you might know, we’ve spent years creating the most useful and popular products and services in the world of TEFL. So, we thought, why not deliver a package that contains absolutely everything: a package that includes all of our best-selling products in one place? This is what we’ve done. This is what we call Teacher in a Box!


TESOL 140 Premier Course

Our Premier 140 hour course teaches you the Core Module, TKT preparation and all three specialist courses.


TESOL 120 Advanced Certificate

This comprehensive course covers the Core Module, TKT Preparation and two specialist modules. Our guaranteed high training standards ensure that you get the best out of each section of the programme.


TESOL 100 Intermediate Plus

This comprehensive course covers the Core Module, TKT Preparation and one specialist module. This course combined with our training support team will ensure that you are able to realise your short term goals and longer term ambitions for your TESOL career.


TESOL 80 Intermediate Certificate

This 80 hour online course combines 35 years of accredited teaching experience, exposing you to a broad range of teaching techniques and opening up the world of teaching English to speakers of other language to you on a whole new level.


Cambridge TKT Preparation Course

This 60 hour online course prepare you for the internationally recognised Cambridge ESOL Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT). The flexible format allows you to prepare in your own time and covers all you need to know to successfully pass the TKT test.


TESOL 60 Foundation Plus Certificate

The 60 hour online tefl course which covers the Core Module and two additional modules chosen from the following: Professional, Young Learners or Survival Teaching.


TESOL 40 Foundation Certificate

Upgrade to TESOL 40 and choose from our range of specialist modules. This fully supported online course will give you the edge starting your career teaching English as a foreign language.


20 hour TESOL Taster

This 20 hour online course is an amazing starting point to your TESOL career. Our online TESOL courses are designed to a very high standard and are an internationally recognised TEFL qualification.


20 hour Core TESOL Course

This 20 hour online course focuses on the principles of teaching English. It’s an ideal introductory TEFL course for those beginning an English teaching qualification. We’ve created smart learning techniques which make learning easy and memorable.


TEFL Essentials: Lesson Planning

Most students will agree – the number one ingredient in a great teacher is experience. But what if you’re just starting off? Or you have some experience but haven’t gained enough confidence yet?